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Your mix of tampons and pads
delivered in one box for
£3.99 each month

"I don't know why somebody hasn't thought of this before - it's genius!"
- Annabel P

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How it works

choose your tampons and pads

A sketch of a box of tampons, a box of pantyliners and a box of sanitary pads

mix your absorbencies

add some helpful extras

A sketch of a Sanitary Owl box full of sanitary products

specific to your needs

posted for free

A sketch of a Sanitary Owl box being posted through a letterbox

as often as you like

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Get chocs in your box

Add helpful extras from only 99p. Everything you need in one box (apart from hugs and high fives).

You're in control

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Change delivery times

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No strings attached

We sell reusables too

Good for the planet and good for you.
Yup, that rhymes.

Help us help the homeless

Thanks to our awesome customers, we're able to provide free sanitary protection to homeless women around the UK.

I'm liking this
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Don't just take our word for it

Our happy customers hoot for us

Customer review 1 dcbb40adc9a7627b607551b4aac530197f84abf4bb498478a2aa4d8c6d0735d3

"Hassle free, great service."
—Molly B

Customer review 2 144ea4e326d23c36e2c5179c86ad1da2e498934d2458c2b4be21195b4ac70a12

"Very thoughtful and helpful - would definitely recommend!"
—Ali J

Customer review 3 02320e53eba9b9484a657af816d47b5aaca461a92601764477c79d74c5d329bd

"Genius and brilliant with perfect customer service too!"
—Katy J